CampielloGiudecca is a laid-back and lived-in part of Venice, with its own distinctive village atmosphere.

Along the waterfront, where public life takes place, you will find many small shops.

These include a superb fishmonger, bakers, butchers, a greengrocer, post office and a wine shop (wine sold direct from the barrel), as well as the restaurants and bars where locals meet to pass the time of day.

Unlike the more tourist-dominated parts of Venice, you will see children playing in the little squares.

Walking Giudecca

Near the RedentoreYou can walk along the entire length of Giudecca only on its northern side, with beautiful views of the rest of Venice, from the soon-to-be-opened Hilton Hotel and apartments at the enormous nineteenth century gothic Molino Stucky (Stucky Flour Mill) at one end to the world-famous Cipriani Hotel at the other end.

This is a favourite walk for many Venetians on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You will pass the great Santissimo Redentore, built by the Venetian Senate in thanks for Venice's deliverance from the first great plague of of 1575-76.

Considered to be the most successful and harmonious of Palladio's churches, it is the focal point of the popular annual July festival of the same name - when a bridge of small boats connects it to St Mark's Square, with a spectacular hour-long firework display over the lagoon to round off the festivities.

Further on you will pass the Zitelle church, also designed by Palladio, and now a conference centre, and, along with the Redentore, one of Giudecca's most famous historic buildings. Watch out for the distinctive Casa de Maria, just before the Zitelle, built as a studio in the early twentieth century by the painter Mario de Maria, with its three large inverted-shield windows and patterned brickwork based upon the exterior of the Doge's Palace across the water.

Cats await the day’s catchPeace flagThe Zitelle

The Cipriani Hotel has a discreet entrance, but the extensive hotel grounds, including well-kept gardens, lagoon views and a large swimming pool, give it a relaxed and leafy ambience all its own.

Giudecca fishermenSouthern Lagoon viewNets drying

Giudecca is a place full of birdsong, a place of secret gardens, and a few green public spaces too. The peaceful southern side of the island, home to several small boatyards and rowing clubs, and only accessible from a few streets - our flats' location being one - faces directly onto the spacious expanse of the southern lagoon and out towards the Adriatic.